Sacramento Home Buying – Writing a Winning Offer

Sacramento Home Buying – Writing a Winning Offer

Want to know how to write a winning offer for a Sacramento Home? Click on this video and find out

Writing Winning offers

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Are you missing out in the multiple offer game? Want to know how to write a winning offer? Find out now…

Losing out on the home of your dreams is crushing. You’ve looked and looked but keep getting beat out on the home of your choice. Before throwing in the towel, check out these tips that help our clients get their offers accepted more times than not when they follow our advice.

Writing a winning offer is as much about terms as it is price. Not all offers are equal even if the offered price is exactly the same. The first step in writing that winning offer is to find out as much as possible what is most important to the seller. Is it simply the highest net? Or maybe they need time to move. What about how quickly they want to close. Faster is not always better. Here is where an experienced agent is going to make or break the deal. An experienced agent will leverage their relationships with other agents to find out as much as possible of what the seller needs before making suggestions to you on how to structure the loan.

Once we know what is important to the seller, we structure the offer to best meet the needs of the seller while not giving away the farm so to speak. It’s a balancing act of protecting your rights as a buyer and getting you the best deal possible but not losing out on the home. This is a balancing act that has to be walked very carefully. Representing you as the buyer we have a fiduciary duty to work in your best interests always.

Items to consider when writing that winning offer include but are not limited to highest offered price, shorter contingency periods, larger deposit, quicker close if the seller wants to close quickly, even possibly a free rent back or delayed date of possession.

Keep in mind when it comes to the offered price it is the net amount the seller should be focusing on. A way to increase the seller’s net proceeds is to pay some of the sellers closing costs such as splitting or paying 100% of the owners title insurance, splitting or paying 100% of the escrow fee. Not asking for a home warranty or offering to pay the city or county transfer fee. Yes, these are all additional costs to you BUT it does put your offer in a better position when going against other offers.

Key to this process is having an agent with a good reputation in the real estate community who is willing to leverage their relationships with other agents, a stronger pre-approval letter from a reputable direct lender and to be flexible. While this should be strictly a financial decision we know it to be as much emotional as financial.

Keep in mind, no matter what, you should never pay more for the home than you are comfortable with and ALL the financial decisions are yours. We will coach counsel and suggest but at the end of the day, you are the boss.

As you can see there is no hard and fast rule to getting an offer accepted. It chances on a case by case basis. This is why it is so very important to have the right agent working for you.

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