Sacramento Real Estate – What is an Equity Sale?

Sacramento Real Estate - What is an Equity Sale?

Sacramento Realtor and Sacramento Area Specialists Mike & Jennifer Rigley here bringing you the latest Sacramento Real Estate Information on what is an equity sale. Thank you for joining us.

In the current Sacramento market you may hear about Sacramento short sales, Sacramento foreclosures and Sacramento equity sales. These are the type of selling methods you can choose when selling your Sacramento home. As we focus more on equity sales, we come to the great question of “What is an Equity Sale?” An equity sale refers to the sale of the common shares (instead of only the assets) of a company To put it simply, an equity sale is where the seller has equity (money) within his/her home. If the loan amount on your Sacramento home is more than the amount you owe on your Sacramento home that would be considered a short sale. However, if your loan is less than the amount you owe on your home it would be considered an equity sale. Because an equity sale indicates that the home has value, you can then sell your Sacramento home for more than what you owe.

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