Curb Appeal Ideas to Help You Get Top Dollar for Your Sacramento Home

Curb Appeal Ideas to Help You Get Top Dollar for Your Sacramento Home

Want to know what 6 curb appeal ideas you can do to help get top dollar for your Sacramento home?

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What 6 improvements can you make to your curb appeal to help get you top dollar for your home? Find out NOW by Clicking on the picture

Curb Appeal Ideas to Sell your Home

So first of all you have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Know that most buyers lack vision and almost all make a decision on your home in the first 60-90 seconds and spend the rest of their visit justifying that snap decision. That’s why curb appeal is so very important. So what can you do to help with that first impression

#1 – Add some color to your planter boxes. Flowers are a cheap way to spruce up the front of your home. Its easy to go and doesn’t cost a lot on time or money

#2 – Green up that lawn. Many homeowners here in the Sacramento area have let their lawns go brown. Initially under the restraint of drought conditions but now mostly out of neglect. A brown lawn sends the message that the rest of the home may not be well maintained either. If the lawn is too far gone to revive, consider having it painted. You’ll need to disclose this but it’s better than nothing.

3# – Power wash the house and driveway. Clean off all that old dirt that has accumulated. If after the power wash its evident the house needs paint, do it.

#4 – Paint the front door and replace your old mat with a fresh “welcome” mat. A fresh painted front door is inviting and the subliminal message from the new welcome mat is inviting and gives a feeling of “home” to the perspective buyer

#5 – Park the car in the garage and ask your neighbors to not park in front of your house while listed. Driving up and seeing nothing but cars is a turn off for most buyers

#6 – Declutter the entry way. It doesn’t do much good to paint the front door and replace the old mat with a fresh welcome mat if there is so much junk at the front door. If it seems crowded to you, it really feels crowded to a buyer. Don’t make the entry way stark, but less is more

Alright – there’s 6 ways you can help improve the price of your home. Keep in mind, no matter how nice the front looks if the rest of the house is a disaster you may still have a tough time selling it for top dollar.

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