The Home Selling Process – Whats My Sacramento Home Worth

The Home Selling Process – Whats My Sacramento Home Worth

The Home Selling Process – What’s My Sacramento Home Worth?

Ever wonder what the home selling process is? Click the picture below and we’ll cover just that in this video

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So you’re wondering what the home selling process is. Let me take you through the process now

Selling a home can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately for you, Jennifer and I have helped well over 1500 buyers and sellers in the past 15 years. That’s 10 times the national average.

Step one is to interview and hire a good realtor. We’ll cover this interview in depth in a later video but for now know that this person is going to guide you through one of your largest financial transactions in your life. It’s not the time to trust such a task to someone who has never done it before or just because they are your friend, family member, neighbor or work associate. Choose a true market specialist

Step two is to get your home ready for sale. This can include Realtor suggested repairs, staging and of course the all-important professional quality pictures, video and virtual tour

Step three: With your home listed on the MLS and public internet sites, it’s time to showcase your property. One of the stressors in having your home on the market is leaving for work each day with the property show ready. That means making the beds and getting the dishes out of the sink. You only get 1 time to make a first impression

Step four: Getting and evaluating offers. The best offer is not always the highest offer. Your Realtor should have prepared a net sheet for you for each offer presented. The net sheet shows all the costs involved with selling your home. Offers can vary based on who pays what, are there anticipated repairs, time to close and credit worthiness of the buyer

Step five: The escrow process. During this period the buyer will conduct all their investigations of the property, get the appraisal and final loan approvals if it’s a financed offer. There are 88 types of turbulence that can cause a deal to fail so it’s important your Realtor is on top of the process

Step six: Negotiating the Request for repairs if any, and a low appraisal if that happens. A good Realtor will guide you through this process. While the financial decisions are always yours, in my opinion it really comes down to if you are going to run into the very same issues with the next offer you might as well dance with the one you brought and correct the items and close on time. If the request is petty or ridicules or the appraiser is way off the mark, your Realtor will be able to advise you accordingly. Just be sure they have your best interests at heart, nit theirs…

Step seven: The Closing. Well you’ve made it through all of the previous six stages and it’s time to close. You will attend a seller signing appointment but that doesn’t mean you’re done just yet. Once the buyer signs their loan documents, the lender reviews the file one more time before funding the loan and the escrow company recording the deed transfer with the county. Depending on what was negotiated you should be out of the house completely before the home closes escrow. Keys are delivered to the buyer by the buyer’s agent and you are on your way. If you choose to have your proceeds wired, by the next business day you should have all your proceeds in your designated account

So that’s the process in a nutshell. Looking for more detail? We have videos detailing each step in depth. Need more details? Click on the contact us link below or call today and we’d be more than happy to schedule a Strategic Marketing Consultation with you.

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